Pharmacy Assistant
Pharmacy Assistant
Medicine Hat - 13th Ave

Hours Description: Part Time Permanent

13th Pharmacy – Medicine Hat

Pharmacy Assistant (1) Part Time

$13.60 - $21.75

Duties: Ensure the Pharmacy is properly stocked with merchandise and faced at all times, maintain displays and merchandising on the sales floor, present a neat, clean, sterile, well-merchandised department and related work areas, perform general housekeeping duties to ensure department image and safety standards are followed, accept a new written prescription order, verify all data on the prescription, verify and input third-party coverage information, verify quantities for filling, determine appropriate staffing of prescriptions, scan new prescription into pharmacy database (Kroll), enter prescription information into pharmacy database (Kroll), receive written request for prescription refill, prepare and prepackage a drug for dispensing, handle patient phone call and in-person inquiries, replenish drug storage containers and dispensing machines, maintain, arrange, and order pharmacy supplies, prepare prescription orders for delivery, return drug products to stock, count/pour/mix and place drug in appropriate container, operate cash register and handle related transactions, maintain strict confidentiality on all patient-related medical profile information, maintain Pharmacy security, file prescription hard copies, assist in managing drug inventory, assist in third party management, report any actual or perceived issues concerning the dispensing of prescriptions to the Pharmacist on Duty and other duties assigned by pharmacists or manager.

Qualifications:  Previous pharmacy experience preferred, above average oral and written communication skills, strong organizational, communication and customer service skills, detail oriented, proficient computer/data/entry skills, ability to work independently in a fast environment;

Availability: Full availability, including evenings and weekends

If you are interested in applying for this position or for more information, please contact or 403-528-6600 ext 5198