Petroleum Manager
Petroleum Manager

Hours Description: Permanent

Position Title:

Petroleum Manager

Reports to:

Petroleum Division Manager

Core Function:

As a member of the South Country Management team, the Petroleum Manager will have the proven abilities in petroleum retail operations, experience with farm delivery of fuel, manage cardlocks, and provide excellent customer service with petroleum and oil related products. The position will optimize the cooperative’s market share and savings, improve the cooperatives efficiency, help achieve the cooperative’s mission and goals, and result in outstanding customer service.

Position Responsibilities:

The Petroleum Manager responsibilities involve sales, service, reporting, safety and maintenance and other duties as requested by management.

The Petroleum Manager will maintain a positive attitude that promotes team work within the cooperative and a favorable image of the cooperative.


Sales involves assisting in establishing sales goals, assisting in developing and promoting a marketing plan, increasing unit sales and market share, making proper recommendations and applications of products sold, knowing prices of products and services, and assisting in developing competitive marketing strategies

Assist in establishing sale goals

  1. Work with the appropriate employees and/or management to establish monthly sales  goals
  2. Work with management to establish yearly sales and gross margin goals
  3. Review sales call reports with Division Manager
  4. Analyze sales monthly and annually.


Assist in developing and promoting a marketing plan

  1. Work with Division Manager to develop a marketing plan for your location by November 30th of each year
  2. Participate in developing sales and promotion programs

Increase unit sales and market share

  1. Contact and actively sell to all current and potential customers; follow-up after the sale to ensure customer satisfaction
  2. Price product competitively while protecting the cooperative’s assets
  3. Communicate sales and promotion programs to customers
  4. Make as many cold calls as possible per week
  5. Update prospect and target lists in consultation with other members of the feed department
  6. Refer leads of other products to the appropriate departments
  7. Be aware at all times of the cooperative’s prices on commodities and services
  8. Provide Division Manager with periodic reports of current competitors strategies



Service involves providing and promoting the service necessary to meet the departments goals

  1. Serve as a source of technical information
  2. Update formulations as market trends change
  3. Maintain quality and cost effectiveness
  4. Introduce new products and programs
  5. Handle claims and complaints promptly
  6. Supervise quality control to assure maintenance of product specifications
  7. Ensure all services provided assist in achieving department profitability




Reporting involves maintaining and submitting required reports and informing your supervisor of outstanding conditions

Maintain and submit required reports

  1. Submit weekly sales and liter reports as required
  2. Submit report discrepancies
  3. Inform your supervisor of potential problems or potential new business opportunities directly or indirectly related to your department
  4. Submit weekly driver repots
  5. Correct any reconciliation errors with petroleum clerk
  6. Maintain receiving book daily
  7. Maintain optimum level of inventories adhere to budgets
  8. Adhere to budgets with staff cost


Safety and Maintenance

Safety and maintenance involves maintaining equipment and facilities, operating trucks and equipment as needed safely, communicating safe storage and handling procedures to customers and upholding company safety policies.

Maintain equipment and facilities

  1. Report unsafe equipment or working conditions to your supervisor
  2. Meet all Federal and Provincial and OH&S regulations
  3. Keep up to date on laws and regulations related to your area of responsibility
  4. Maintain inspection reports and other paperwork on all units as required
  5. Maintain monthly site inspections and environmental checklist
  6. Report any environmental issues to supervisor
  7. Maintain high image standards on bulk units and cardlocks


Other Duties

The Petroleum Manager will uphold cooperative policies, perform other duties as assigned by management and will enforce and uphold the cooperatives credit policies

Enforce and uphold the cooperative’s credit policy

  1. Make credit terms known to all employees and customers
  2. Do not extend credit to customers who have not been approved by the credit manager
  3. Do not authorize customer charges that exceed set credit limits


Job Requirements

  • Minimum of 3-5 years in Petroleum related duties
  • 3-5 years of Agriculture or job related experience
  • Proficient computer skills required (Excel, Word, POS)
  • Valid class 3 or higher drivers license would be an asset but not required
  • Bondable

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